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Types Of Genetically Enhanced Marijuana Seeds Shop

The process of genetically enhancing and cross breeding marijuana seeds isn't as complex as it may seem. The testing involved though is what takes so much time. There has to be efforts in motion to determine what to cross and what that outcome is likely to be. This is the hypothesis and then the actual research takes place to determine the outcome. A clone one strain of cannabis is the exact genetic makeup of a unique strain. However, the conditions for growth of the marijuana seeds is different. This affects the potency and the yield of the product. Such research has enabled some growers to generate plants indoors of a particular strain that were once thought to only be able to thrive in an outdoor growing environment.

Stable seed stain is complicated and it takes a great deal of time to create. This involves carefully selecting a male and female from two different strains and pollinating the female. The breeder has control over the genetics that will be in use with this type of seed creation.

With unstable seed strains, there is less time involved with creating the seeds. However, there is also less control over the genetic characteristics that will be present. You typically won't find this type of genetically altered seed offered from most of the reputable vendors. They don't want to take a risk as the outcome can be boom or bust for the consumer. For those interested in very strong cannabis, wild strains are often suggested. They are actually found growing wild in some locations. They are harvested and then they are sold through various 3rd party vendors. These seeds can be very expensive due to the cost involved in harvesting and shipping them. Since there is a 3rd party in the mix, the cost is also increased to cover their cut of the profits.

There are now more hybrid strains of cannabis on the market than pure breeds. Consumers have plenty of variety to ensure they get the type of product that offers them value in regards to potency and benefits. Each strain has specific properties based on the plants and this can result in the differentiation from the market. There is plenty of diversity such as those that use marijuana for relaxing versus those that use it for reducing medical concerns such as chronic pain.

Genetically enhanced marijuana seeds are often marketed as such. Consumers are curious about them and they are in high demand. They don't want to settle for some run of the mill product when they can have seeds for cannabis plants that offer them significantly more value. Yet some consumers still want those classic and pure strains.

However, the majority of consumers feel hybrid cannabis strains offer them the very best results. They can be selective in the strains that are crossed and that helps to make the overall quality of marijuana seeds out there better and better for consumers to select from and enjoy.

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